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High Yield Asset Trading

AldrichEgg has nearly forty years of combined experience representing financial institutions in connection with the trading of syndicated loans, restricted securities and bankruptcy claims.


Syndicated Loans

Our attorneys have a keen understanding of the legal and business issues facing market participants in the syndicated loan markets. Our ability to quickly adapt to market challenges, borne out of years of experience, means our professionals stand ready to provide clients with rapid and accurate execution of their deals.


Restricted Securities

Whether a transaction involves stand-alone securities, stapled debt/equity instruments or securities issued as proceeds under restructurings or bankruptcy plans, we have the expertise to close the trade. We have years of experience representing market participants in the assignment of both foreign and domestic private equity, notes, warrants, limited liability company membership interests, and other assorted high-yield instruments.


Bankruptcy Claims

Our experience in the syndicated loan markets has led to the development of significant expertise ideal to representing clients in the trading of secured and general unsecured administrative and priority claims in bankruptcy. We have handled the purchase and sale of such claims in both US and European insolvency proceedings.​