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The business world is constantly changing and the pace of change seems to get faster every year. In order to stay relevant, it is critical to adapt quickly to evolving market needs. Just about every industry has embraced this need to change with the exception of the legal industry. Rather than adapt, most law firms continue to operate today much as they have for the past century with high hourly fees, layers of bureaucracy and inefficient processes. The result is often an unpleasant and expensive experience for the client. We believe law firms can and should do better by their clients.


AldrichEgg LLC is a law firm that is re-imagining the way lawyers and law firms can serve clients by embracing the challenges of:


     1) Delivering "more-for-less" (i.e., higher quality, and more cost-effective legal services to our clients);


     2) Finding and implementing new, creative, and effective ways to provide the legal services our clients want and need; and


     3) Integrating disruptive technologies that can help us meet these challenges.


At AldrichEgg LLC, we embrace these drivers of change because disruptive as they may be to lawyers, as lawyers, we must always ensure that our actions are serving our clients' needs. We don't believe that old habits and traditional ways of practicing law necessarily serves our clients' interests. Clients should and can receive sophisticated, high-level legal representation without having to pay the inflated legal fees charged by many firms.


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